Sherfield Park Parish Council

We are a brand new Council created by separating from the old, larger Rural Parish of Sherfield on Loddon, in order to fulfil the different needs of their rural Parish and our more urban one. Sherfield Park was therefore under Sherfield on Loddon PC and became a Parish in its own right on the 5th May 2016.

Parish Councils are local authorities first created by statute in 1894. In law, a Parish Council is a single corporate body and the decisions it takes are the responsibility of the Parish Council as a whole. The Parish Council is the first tier of local government and the one closest to the community in which it operates. In England there are three tiers of local government, having respective roles and responsibilities, each serving a greater geographical area and larger population, and cumulating to national government.

The Borough Council (e.g. Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council)
Their main responsibilities:
  • Housing, Planning, Town council management of Basingstoke, Sports and leisure facilities, Parks and Open spaces (including the playing fields at Sherfield Park)
  • Refuse collection/recycling and “the tip”, Collection of Council tax and business rates
  • Elections for all layers: Parish, Borough, County, MPs and EU MEPs, Police Crime Commissioner, Licensing of premises, alcohol, taxis, food hygiene
  • Burial grounds and crematoria, Bus services (HCC), Adult services in conjunction with HCC, and Grants to local organisations

The County Council (Hampshire County Council)
Based in Winchester, Hampshire County Council has a much wider role and is made up pf borough and district councils across Hampshire, including the Isle of Wight.

Their main responsibilities are:
  • Roads – infrastructure, resurfacing, pot holes and also pavements, Schools and further education, Parks and Open spaces
  • Police and other Emergency Services
  • Street Lighting, Historic buildings, Libraries, Footways and bridleways, Adult and children services

Parish Council (Sherfield Park Parish Council)
The Parish Council is responsible for the Governance, legal and financial obligations of the new Sherfield Park Parish Council. Sherfield Park is an urban parish council within the Ward of Chineham.

Their main responsibilities:
  • Control of the parish precept (budget), Grants to local groups
  • Planning (consultee only), Litter, graffiti and dog mess
  • Liaise with Community Police team, Neighbourhood Watch and Speedwatch (volunteers)
  • Liaise with local schools and nurseries, One-off leisure activities/events, Advice to residents through the parish office.

A Parish Council has a legal duty to ensure that all the rules for the administration of the council are followed. It must:
  • appoint a Chairman of the Parish Council and appoint officers as appropriate for carrying out its functions
  • appoint a Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) to manage the council's financial affairs appoint an independent and competent internal auditor
  • hold a minimum of four meetings per year, one of which must be an Annual General Meeting of the Council

Also on Sherfield Park Estate:

The SPCA leases the Community Centre from Basingstoke and Deane Council for a peppercorn rent and is responsible for the management of the community centre. The Community Centre is used for a variety of purposes including youth club, meetings, various classes and private bookings. Outside trips and events are also organised for the benefit of the community. The Centre is self-funding.

The development has only been adopted by B&DBC up to Phase 4 of the building. This is from the beginning of the A33 to Wickham Way. Croudace will have to get the remedial work done to the satisfaction of the Borough before they will adopt/take over. HCC will eventually take over the responsibility for the Highways/Paths and lighting.